This week on Tent Talk, we bring you another special episode recorded live at the 2019 InTents Conference in San Diego. InTents Conference alum Sarah Marshall of Marshall’s Haute Sauce returned to the main stage to share her insight on how to avoid farmers’ market burnout. In this episode Sarah explains why working as farmers’ market vendor is tough and provides a helpful roadmap to avoid wearing yourself out.

Before diving head first into the world of farmers markets, canning classes, and seasonal sauce making, Sarah Marshall spent 10 years working as a social worker in the Portland area. Like the life plans she designed for families and clients to keep them happy, healthy, and focused on their physical and mental health, Sarah will guide you through a healthy market vendor routine and provide ideas for incorporating self-care in order to strengthen your business. For single operator businesses and full teams, she shares steps anyone can take to increase motivation and excitement, while also taking care of fundamental needs.

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