2019 InTents Conference

Marcy Coburn

Anastasia Cole Plakias
Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

Catt Fields White
San Diego Markets / InTents Business

Candread Gadaga
Sabor Piri Piri Kitchen

Ben Grimes
Dawnbreaker Farms

Brent Preston
The New Farm

Charlotte Smith
3 Cow Marketing

InTents Conference 2019

Request for Proposals

The schedule for the third annual InTents Conference in San Diego on February 24-26, 2019, is bigger and better than ever. To watch a video round-up of past InTents Conferences, click here for 2017 and here for 2018.

The proposal deadline has passed but a limited number of spaces may be made available for additional speakers and workshop leaders. Whether you’ve worked in or around farmers’ markets for decades or you’ve just started, read on to learn more about the goals of the conference and what we look for in proposals to present.

Conference goals

The InTents Conference is designed to make farmers’ market businesses throughout the US, Canada and beyond stronger and more profitable. We give food producers, farmers, and farmers’ managers a chance to learn and connect with three full days of presentations, panels, roundtables and networking opportunities.

InTents Conference-goers gather knowledge and resources, compare notes on what’s happening in the industry, dig into specifics about running a farmers’ market business, relax and socialize, and generally nerd out about all the things we love about the local food community.


What we’re looking for

While a number of regional conferences help small farmers to increase production, and some include farmers’ market manager education, the focus of the InTents Conference is to make farmers’ market businesses more satisfying and more profitable for all participants: managers, farmers and food makers.  

Mix of topics and perspectives

We actively seek talks that address a wide range of related subjects, at various levels of expertise, but always relevant specifically to farmers’ market businesses. Topics like small business branding and marketing, food prep, packaging and labeling, cost reduction, fundraising, community engagement, staff development, display design and customer service techniques are all valuable to our attendees. We welcome insights and actionable information from first-time speakers, from industry experts, and from everyone in between. We especially welcome perspectives from underrepresented groups within the farmers’ market community.

Audience awareness

When crafting proposals, remember that you’ll be talking to a mixed level of expertise, skill sets, and professions, from start up food businesses to seasoned farmers and market managers. Your talk doesn’t have to be relevant to everyone, but tell us who will gain from your knowledge. Don’t make too many assumptions about what people already know.


Presentation format

We will accept proposals for 30 minute presentations (plus time for Q&A), panel discussions and breakout sessions and workshops. Please specify on the application what format would work best for your proposed presentation. If you’d like to participate in a panel discussion, tell us whether you have a group of panelists in mind, or would prefer we add panelists with expertise in the topic you’re proposing.  

Speaker benefits & logistics

If you are selected to speak at the 2019 InTents Conference, we will waive your All-Access registration, a $355 value. Our 2019 budget for speaker fees and travel expenses have been fully allotted.



If you have any questions, please email us at connect@intentsconference.com and let us know.

Submit your proposal

Click here to submit your proposal.  


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