How to Move a Market

Finding the perfect location for your farmers’ market is one of the most critical predictors of success. To flourish, a market needs to be located in a central, visible, and easily accessible setting. Ideally, the main drag of your targeted neighborhood. Nearby parking, neighboring businesses and surrounding residences, and whether the square footage is adequate and the ground is level are just some of the variables to consider.

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Making moms feel special at your farmers’ market

It’s no coincidence that Mother’s Day takes place in the spring. Flowers are blooming and bountiful, the weather is perfect for a stroll outdoors (like say, through a market?), and seasonal farmers’ markets are celebrating their opening days. Although babies are born year round, it feels like everyone I know is celebrating a new birth, celebrating women becoming new mothers or grandmothers. Here are some tips to help get your market Mother’s Day ready.

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