Introducing Tent Talk, the farmers’ market podcast!

Tent Talk, the farmers’ market podcast premiers July 9th!

On this podcast, we’ll provide helpful information for farmers, small food makers, and farmers’ market managers who count on farmers’ markets as a source of income. Need help marketing yourself at farmers’ markets? Want to find out how to accurately forecast inventory for your weekly markets? Hoping to eventually expand your business and hire employees? Tent Talk is here to help answer those questions! Whether you’re on the verge of launching a business and want to learn about farmers’ markets as a revenue stream, or you’re a seasoned market veteran who’s looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got something for you.

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How to Move a Market

Finding the perfect location for your farmers’ market is one of the most critical predictors of success. To flourish, a market needs to be located in a central, visible, and easily accessible setting. Ideally, the main drag of your targeted neighborhood. Nearby parking, neighboring businesses and surrounding residences, and whether the square footage is adequate and the ground is level are just some of the variables to consider.

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